Catty Launcher

Catty Launcher

Hi there everyone, Welcome to the Xwiki page for
Catty Launcher. I cant wait to show you what Catty Launcher
has to offer. But i must say the app is still under heavy development
and sadly will only be available for Android.

What Is Catty Launcher?

Catty Launcher allows you to launch Catrobat apps
and community resources all in one place. But that's not all.
Catty Launcher also comes with 3rd party apps and built in tools.
To help With building your pocket code programs. things like image editors,
a simple Calculator for math, Notes so you can remind yourself of whatever.
thats not all but Catty Launcher will have its own built in 1v1 messaging
and online community so you can chat,collaborate, and help others in need.
; ) programming takes time and patience. So never give up quickly.

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Created by Codexx on 2019/03/11 05:43